Taking bus from Hanoi to Sapa is an excellent decision. Because of these reasons, there are more and more travellers go to Sapa by bus:
  • It takes only 6 hours from Hanoi to Sapa, not 10 hours to compare with the train
  • All buses can take you direct to Sapa town, you do not need to stop and change to a bus in Lao Cai train station as all trains do.
  • Getting picked up from your hotel in the Old Quarter, no necessary to go to train station/ bus station by yourself.
  • Easy to get ticket/ receipt online, without having to change to real ticket as what you have to do with train tickets.
  • There are a lot of buses leaving from Hanoi to Sapa everyday (morning time, afternoon time, evening time) for you to choose which one is more suitable with your schedule
  • There are different types of bus, not only one sleeping type as evening trains: Sleeping bus, reclining seating bus, luxury Limousine bus suites with your budget and your needs.
Here are some advantage and disadvantage of each type of bus:
Bus Hanoi to Sapa in the morning is a good choice to enjoy amazing mountain view on the way get to Sapa. This option is also very convenient for those who arrive in Hanoi late at night and wanna have a good night sleep before starting a journey to Sapa. Because sometimes sleeping on a night bus is not so easy for a lot of people.
But bus from Hanoi to Sapa in the afternoon is for those who are not "early-birds", lazy to get up early in the morning, or arrive in Hanoi in the morning and would like to go to Sapa on the same day. Going with this afternoong bus to Sapa, you still can enjoy beautiful view on the way getting to Sapa same as morning bus.
To compare with morning and afternoon buses, evening bus from Hanoi to Sapa, that you can't see any view during travel in the dark. But this is very good for travellers who want to save time and budget for accommodation. This sleeper bus will arrive in Sapa around 4.00 am and you cant sleep on bus till 6.00 am when it brights, easy to find hotel, tours from Sapa town. 

Understanding this, therefore, there are a lot of bus companies have bus leaves from Hanoi to Sapa in the morning, afternoon and evening. You can easily find all bus companies on the website bustosapa.com to have all detail information of each brand.


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